As mentioned on the initial cost page, supplements are not 100% necessary, but will give you much better results in a shorter period of time. You can expect to spend approximately $100.00 per month in supplements. If you choose to use supplements, you should consider using the following:

Whey Protein:  Gives you the massive amount of protein that you need to build muscle.

My Preference: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard – Double Rich Chocolate.

Instructions: Take one whey protein shake mixed with water or skim milk when you wake up. Take a second shake about an hour before you work out. Why Protein can also be used to boost the protein intake in your diet.


Sport Multi-Vitamin Pack: Provides the nutrients that may be missing from the nutrition plan; Provides the energy for you workouts; Boosts immune system so you don’t get sick.

My Preference: GNC Men’s Multipak. (Ladies, use the Women’s Multipak.)

Instructions: Take one pack per day. It is alright to take the vitamins all at once.

Protein Bars: Helps to supplement the protein needed in phase one of your nutritional plan; Quick and easy snack to keep you full and stay on your new diet.

My Preference: GNC peanut butter protein bars.

 Instructions: Fit into your diet plan. These can be used as snacks, pre-work out, or post-work out.

Pre-Training Energy: Provides energy for your sessions; Boosts endurance.

My Preference: BSN Non-Xplode.

Instructions: Take 30 minutes before work out.

Recovery Formula: Promotes rapid muscle growth; Helps with muscle soreness;

My Preference: P90X Peak Recovery Formula.

Instructions: Take within 60 minutes of when you finish working out.

Please note: All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respected owners. None of the products listed on this page are in anyway affiliated with this blog.

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