Monthly Cost

The supplements that you take need to fit your needs. For example, if you eat enough protein in your diet, you will not need protein bars. My suggestion is to pay attention to your diet and learn to read what your body needs. Don’t throw away money.

Guys: At a bare minimum ( for $100.00 per month), I suggest using whey protein and the recovery drink. The whey protein will bulk you up quickly.

Ladies: At a bare minimum (for $45.00 per month), I suggest using the recovery drink. This will help with sore muscles.

See Monthly Costs Below:

Whey Protein: (Optional)

My Preference: Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard – Double Rich Chocolate.

Monthly Cost: $40-45

Sport Multi-Vitamin Pack: (Optional)

My Preference: GNC Men’s Multipak. (Ladies, use the Women’s Multipak.)

Monthly Cost: $40

Protein Bars: (Optional)

My Preference: GNC peanut butter protein bars.

Monthly Cost: $20-25

Pre-Training Energy: (Optional)

My Preference: N.O. Vapor.

Monthly Cost: $50

Recovery Formula: (Optional)

My Preference: P90X Peak Recovery Formula.

Monthly Cost: $45-50

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