Full Price Breakdown

The real cost of the program for 90 days if ordered from Beach Body’s Website:

Item:                                                                                   Expense with SH      

P90X DVDs, Calendar, Nutrition Guide                    $119.85

Reebok Heart Rate Monitor Watch                             $79.80

P90X Chin Up Bar                                                            $74.80

Plyometrics Mat                                                                 $101.90

Push Up Stands (Basic)                                                  $27.90

Yoga Blocks                                                                        $21.90

B Lines Resistance Bands                                               $45.90    or

BowFlex Select Tech 552 Dumbbells                           $399.99

P90X Protein Bars (90 Day Supply at 1 per day)       $321.20

P90X Recovery Formula (90 Day Supply)                  $152.70

P90X Multi Vitamins (90 Day Supply)                        $149.70
Team Beach Body (12 Weeks)                                        $35.88
Become a Coach (3 Months)                                          $69.85

Total Initial Cost: $1,449.74 (-$399.00 if you use resistance bands instead of dumbbells)

*Joining Team Beach Body cuts your before SH cost by 10% 
**Becoming a coach cuts your before SH costs by 25%

(Cost reductions cannot be combined. Both joining the Team Beach Body and Becoming a Coach are not completely necessary to get full results and are part of a Multi-level Marketing program.)

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