Do I Really Need the Extra Stuff?

You may be asking, “Do I really need the extra equipment and supplements to get started?”

Extra Stuff (from Amazon/GNC):

Item:                                                                                 Expense:
Bowflex Fit Trainer 10M HRM Watch                    $59.95
Maximum Fitness Gear Chin Up Bar                       $29.99 – Same as P90X Bar
Manduka BlackMatPRO Yoga/ Pilates Mat          $80.00-Same as P90X Mat
Amber Sporting Goods Push Up Bars                      $11.28-Half cost of P90x Bars
4″ Yoga Blocks 4lb (2 Per Pack) Black                    $13.99
BowFlex Select Tech 552 Dumbbells                      $399.99
GNC Protein Bars 24 Pack (90 Days)                    $83.72
GNC Mega Men® Sport Vitapak® (90 Day)        $119.85
P90X Recovery Formula (90 Day Supply)             $152.70

The honest answer is, “What results do you expect to see?” Lets say you only buy the bare minimum (DVDs and Resistance Bands = $179.90). If you work out religiously with P90X (bare minimum) and eat right for 90 days, you will be in better shape than you are today. If you are on a budget; go for the bare minimum.

If you have the money to invest: DO IT! If you work out with P90X, eat right, challenge yourself with the right equipment, and consume the right supplements that your body needs to gain energy and muscle, your will see MUCH better results. The results will probably be a lot closer to what you imagined when you really started to consider P90X.

No matter what you decide to do, you will be a healthier person than you are now.

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