Discount Breakdown

If you order from Amazon/GNC (This is what I did):

Item:                                                                                 Expense:                             

P90X DVDs, Calendar, Nutrition Guide                  $139.80

Bowflex Fit Trainer 10M HRM Watch                    $59.95

Maximum Fitness Gear Chin Up Bar                       $29.99 – Same as P90X Bar

Manduka BlackMatPRO Yoga/ Pilates Mat          $80.00-Same as P90X Mat

Amber Sporting Goods Push Up Bars                      $11.28-Half cost of P90x Bars

4″ Yoga Blocks 4lb (2 Per Pack) Black                    $13.99         

BowFlex Select Tech 552 Dumbbells                      $399.99

GNC Protein Bars 24 Pack (90 Days)                    $83.72

GNC Mega Men® Sport Vitapak® (90 Day)        $119.85

P90X Recovery Formula (90 Day Supply)             $152.70

Overall Shipping Cost (Mostly Free)                       $60.00 

Total Initial Cost: $1,161.27 (-$399.00 if you use resistance bands instead of dumbbells)

*Using Amazon will help you avoid reoccurring fees and the multilevel marketing. This alone was worth is for me.
**Plus you save around $300.00 by not purchasing all of the P90X branded equipment.

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2 responses to “Discount Breakdown

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  2. Thank you for the break down I have searched for months for these type of answers

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