P90X Equipment

You have a few options when it comes to selecting equipment:

Basic and on a Budget

The bare minimum equipment that you need is a set of resistance bands ranging from 10 -50 lbs. You can do all of the exercises required with these bands. The upside to getting the bare minimum is saving hundreds of dollars. The downside is that you will have a much harder time getting the results that you want. If you are just looking to lose weight and not gain too much muscle (ladies), this may be the way to go.

Maximum Results

If you are serious about gaining muscle and getting the max results, you may consider:

  • Heart Rate Monitor Watch
  • Chin Up Bar 
  • 1/4 Inch Yoga/Pilates Mat
  • Push Up Bars
  • 4″ Yoga Blocks
  • Set of Dumbbells from 10-50 lbs. 
  • or Resistance Bands from 10-50 lbs.

See Initial Costs>Discount Breakdown for my preferred brands at the best prices that I found.


3 responses to “Equipment

  1. 1/4″ yoga mat is quite thin don’t you think? Especially when you have to do floor workout like superman-banana / banana roll. I had a big bruise on my hip from doing that, so I bought a thicker gym mat (1/2″)

    • Honestly, I need to do an equipment review and let everyone know how it has been working out. As far as the Yoga mat goes… It is a dense foam so 1/4″ really isn’t too bad for cushioning. More is definitely better during Plyometrics though. My only complaints about the Manduka Mat, are:
      1. It gets sweaty and slippery during Yoga
      2. When is gets sweaty… during ab ripper x…. it tends to make unpleasant noises (if you know what I mean)

      I have actually found myself laughing out loud during ab ripper X, because I can only imagine what someone in the other room would be thinking. I am really glad that I am not doing ab ripper x with that mat in a classroom setting. People would evacuate based on the noises it makes.

  2. In regards to the bands, I have actually noticed huge strength gains using bands in comparison to doing weights, so i wouldn’t be so quick to call it a cheap and ineffective tool for building muscle. The bodylastics bands I have cost me around $100 , have handles that you can attach the bands to create multiple levels of resistance, a door anchor that isn’t separate like the p90x one, ankle straps that double as handles but can also be used for a lot of leg exercises (non p90x). Resistance is resistance you’re body can’t tell the difference. This being said bands can also be used in a lot of ways weights can’t. Not only do they stretch as you perform exercises, creating variable resistance which recurits new muscle fibres, but they can alter certain exercices. Try resistance band push ups to break through plateaus and keep chests and back an 8-10 rep routine 🙂

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