Day 60

Day Sixty Stats: 

Age: 25 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 192 lbs (Lost 10 lbs)

Body Fat: 15.9 % (Down 3.6%; lost 8.86 lbs. of body; gained 1.04 pounds of muscle)

Chest: 38″ (Lost 3 inches)

Waist at Belly Button: 34.5″ (Lost 5.5 inches)

Waist at Smallest Point: 34″ (Lost 4 inches)

Hips: 36″ (Lost 2.5 inches)

Right Thigh: 22″ (Lost 2 inch)

Left Thigh: 22″ (Lost 2 inch)

Right Forearm: 12″ (Gained 1 inch)

Left Forearm: 12″ (Gained 1 inch)

Right Bicep: 14″ (Remained the same)

Left Bicep: 14″ (Remained the same)

Summary: 60 days really fly by quickly. Although it is great to take measurements and see the numbers, the mirror is a much better measurement for me. What a change! From overweight and sloppy, to toned and ripped. I feel and look better each day. More motivation to do a second round as well.

Here is my 60 day opinion:

What a great program! I didn’t have a clue about diet or fitness when I started. All that I had was a goal and the determination to push myself. 60 days later, I am blown away with the results and have huge hopes for day 90. If you are thinking about starting P90X, all you need to do is ask yourself one question…. “Do I have the will power to stick with that for 90 days?” It might be one of the hardest things that you will ever do physically, but it really does provide amazing results for anyone willing to push themselves to their fullest potential. I am loving this program.

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4 responses to “Day 60

  1. You lost both fat and muscle from Day 30 to 60. What do you think caused the muscle loss?
    Are you getting enough protein in your diet?

    • Hi BB,

      I am using one of the electronic body fat analysis things, so my best guess is human error in measurement made me lose some muscle. I have been told that they can be thrown of by drinking liquids or the time that you eat in relation to the measurement

      I definitely feel more muscle bulking up in areas where there wasn’t any before I started. Luckily, I am part of a fitness/weight contest at work and had a trainer take measurements at day 0, 30, and I’ll try to get 60. She is a little more accurate in body fat measurement than I would be. I will try to post those shortly.

      Despite my possible flaw in measurement, I am really happy with the results. I haven’t really had much muscle in my triceps, forearms, or abs before this. My diet and supplements are on track to really build more over the next 30 days. Protein intake is really really high. around 250g per day. The only thing that I can think of, is possibily adding muscle milk as a pre-bedtime drink. What do you think?

      Thanks for following along,

      • Your protein intake seems high enough, but make sure its spread out enough to get absorbed.

        Always eat your carbs first during a meal, that way precious protein isn’t wasted when blood sugar levels are low.

        For someone of your size, make sure you aren’t eating more than 50g per sitting. If you are eating any more than that it is not being absorbed.

        If you really want to build muscle you just have to lift heavy and hard. The 8th rep should be damn near impossible. If you can complete 9 or 10 reps you didn’t use enough weight.

        I am 2 weeks behind you in P90X and have really enjoyed watching your journey.

        Bring IT!

      • Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

        I am really trying to kick it up a notch in this third round and max out my weights for 8 reps. I also just added creatine supplementation. I wish that I had been doing that all along, but I am learning as I go and will probably continue creatine for the entire second round before taking a break from it. If I can just drop my body fat and build enough muscle to be able to play with heavier weights, I will be happy. Then I can focus more on bulking up in round two and it will be a little easier to manage the body fat while I do it.

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