Day 30

Day Thirty Stats: 

Age: 25 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 199.8 lbs (Lost 2.2 lbs)

Body Fat: 16.3 % (Down 3.2% – Lost 6.83 lbs. body fat; Gained 4.63 lbs. muscle)

Chest: 38″ (Lost 3 inches)

Waist at Belly Button: 36″ (Lost 4 inches)

Waist at Smallest Point: 35″ (Lost 3 inches)

Hips: 36.5″ (Lost 2 inches)

Right Thigh: 23″ (Lost 1 inch)

Left Thigh: 23″ (Lost 1 inch)

Right Forearm: 12″ (Gained 1 inch)

Left Forearm: 12″ (Gained 1 inch)

Right Bicep: 14″ (Remained the same)

Left Bicep: 14″ (Remained the same)

Summary: The first thirty days went by quick! I am feeling a lot healthier and more confident. The fat shredder phase really did what it was suppose to do. I am down 6.83 pounds of body fat; I gained 4.63 lbs. of muscle. At this point, I am ready to pack on more muscle. I have decided to get creatine this weekend and really bring it during round two.

This blog is an honest review of P90X. I am not trying to selling you anything and I am not a coach. So here is my 30 day opinion:

P90X works if you work!

If you are ready to eat healthy and work out seven days a week, you will get results. Get ready to give up all of your bad habits and gain some willpower. If you are not ready to give it 100%, don’t waste your time or money.

To the blog!

2 responses to “Day 30

  1. Hi Pete,

    Wow, 6′4″.. And I thought I was tall. 🙂 You have great results, congratulations! Seeing all these measurements proves I’m right, you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. To be honest measuring up puts a great deal of stress over my shoulders. The image of the so called perfect woman with 90-60-90 measurements still haunts me. 🙂

    I’m in the middle of week 3, this program is going faster than I thought. I’m not planning to put my pictures up for everyone to see but reaching my goal will make me feel ecstatic. Hope I’ll have results like yours.

    Keep up the good work, you’re my inspiration

    • Hi Sena!

      Thank you for following along this whole time. It is great to have a workout buddy!

      I am seen people who barely made any progress in phase 1 and others who have blown it away! I am somewhere in between. I think that the people who are a little heavier to begin with see the biggest results in phase 1: fat shredder. If you don’t have much fat to begin with, there isn’t that much to shred. I lost a ton of fat this past month and definately see more definition. I look forward to packing on muscle and losing the last bit of fat. From what I have seen, most people get a six pack by day 60.

      Thanks for everything!

      Don’t stress about the measurements. I guarantee that you will have awsome results! You stick to the diet and make the effort to work out every day. You will be a success story.

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