Day 180

Day One Hundred-Eighty Stats:

Age: 26 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 168 lbs (Lost 24 lbs from day 1)

Body Fat: 9.5 % (Down 10% from day 1)

Chest: 37″ (Down 4 inches from day 1)

Waist at Belly Button: 34″ (Down 6 inches from day 1)

Waist at Smallest Point: 32″ (Down 6 inches from day 1)

Hips: 36″ (Down 2.5 inches from day 1)

Right Thigh: 21″ (Down 3 inches from day 1)

Left Thigh: 21″ (Down 3 inches from day 1)

Right Forearm: 13″ (Gained 2 inches from day 1)

Left Forearm: 13″ (Gained 2 inches from day 1)

Right Bicep: 16″ (Gained 2 inches since day 1)

Left Bicep: 16″ (Gained 2 inches since day 1)

Summary: What can I say? P90X has completely transformed my body. After 180 of hard work, a little pain, and good old fashioned sweat, I feel like a different person. If you are wondering whether or not P90X works, I can guarantee that it does. There is only one catch: you get what you put in.

By the end of 90 days, I wasn’t quite satisfied. I looked nothing like the guys in the videos. I was working hard, REALLY hard, but it was taking time. After the second round, I am finally where I want to be. Almost… I only wish I would have known how boring 180 days of P90X was going to get. I love the program, but 6 months of the same routines was too much. The upside was that I started doubling ARX on ab days and really got some good results.

Morals of the story:
If you are considering trying P90X, go for it!. You won’t regret it and it will work.
If you are done with 90 days and thinking about a second round: don’t do it. Go for Insanity instead.

Thank you all for reading my blog. Insanity started August 9, 2010. Stay tuned for my Insanity reviews and never be afraid to comment if you have a question.

To the blog!


4 responses to “Day 180

  1. Hi,
    I’m finishing my first 90 days next week and plan to go for a second round after a week off. Love the results so far, albeit I could have gotten more from it had I been more rigorous with the Nutrition plan.
    Anyway, I have a few questions, hope you have the time to respond.
    1. You recommend not going for the second round!! Why?? I can see you’ve gotten great results!!
    2. I still need to reduce my waist size (I see progress but i’m still far from my goal) but I also need to gain muscular mass on my arms and shoulders. Correct me if I am wrong, but Insanity seems to focus more on Cardio activity, so I’m afraid I won’t see too much mass increase if I go for it.
    3. What did you do during your time off? Nothing? Cardio Routines? Yoga? Also, how about nutrition during those days?

    Congratulations on this blog; it’s the best independent P90X review I’ve found so far!!!

    • Hi Cesar,

      Congratulations on your first round of P90X! Now that you are addicted… you have some decisions to make. Here is my advice on the questions that you have:

      1. P90X is a REALLY great program. During your first round you have been really pumped and excited about finishing the challenge set fourth: completing 90 days! You are there and probably very satisfied with completing your commitment. Unfortunately, doing the same thing for another 90 days is going to get REALLY boring. It is much harder to stay committed when you are bored out of your mind. Trust me, by day 60 of the second round, you will be craving a new challenge. It gets to be too easy, believe it or not. Listen to Tony, he’s is a smart guy: “You need to mix it up to get results.”

      2. In body building, there are two major stages: Cutting (losing body fat) and bulking (gaining muscle.) When you cut, you are eating less carbs, more proteins and doing more cardio. When you bulk, you balance out your proteins and carbs and try not to do too much cardio. It is very hard to bulk and cut at the same time. That is why body builders rotate between these stages: bulk, cut, bulk, cut, bulk, cut… Consider P90X bulking, and Insanity cutting. Of course you lose fat during P90X, and gain a muscle during Insanity, but at very different ratios. Insanity builds a little muscle and drops a large amount of body fat; P90X is vice versa. My advice is to do Insanity next, than come back to P90X after your 60 days of Insanity is complete.

      3. I didn’t take very much time off. I went straight into the second P90X round after completing the first. Between P90X round 2 and Insanity I took one week. During that week I was moving into a new apartment and was VERY active moving furniture and running up and down stairs. BUT… I stayed on my diet except for one cheat meal. I always do one cheat meal in between rounds. Ironically, the cheat meal usually makes me sick. Too much fat and grease… It makes me realize why those foods are so bad. If you have been strict on your diet, you have lost your immunity towards eating crap.

      Thank you for the compliment on the blog. I am glad you are enjoying it. It was created to offer an honest and fair opinion of P90X. I could not find a single blog out there that was an honest opinion. Most are coaches trying to recruit you and sell you the program of supplements. I am always happy to give you an honest opinion.

      Congrats, Good luck, and go for Insanity next! You won’t regret it. Lose those inches then come back to P90X and bulk up. It will be worth it. You will have a lot more muscle definition and will actually be able to see your results better.

  2. Glad I found your blog. On day 67 of P90x and debating on another round or Insanity. Got a little fat left and want that six back and more definition. Insanity is the way to go, huh?

    Great blog. Great info….


    • Hey Man, thanks.

      I completed my insanity round but got too busy to keep the blog going. BUT, Insanity got me really close to a six pack, but not quite there. If you are hovering around 12 % body fat it gets really tough to lose. My advice is to go buy a copy of the book: The Four Hour Body by Timothy Ferris. Read the slow-carb chapter and rapid fatloss chapter. Use the insanity money to buy an Ironmaster quick lock 57 lb. Kettlebell and follow the recommended diet/workout/supplementation in the book. You will have a six pack in 4-6 weeks. It was the only thing that worked for me, plus it’s allot less work than p90x and Insanity. Work smarter, not harder.


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