Day 1

Day One Stats: 

Age: 25 years old

Gender: Male

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 202 lbs

Body Fat: 19.5 %

Chest: 41″

Waist at Belly Button: 40″

Waist at Smallest Point: 38″

Hips: 38.5″

Right Thigh: 24″

Left Thigh: 24″

Right Forearm: 11″

Left Forearm: 11″

Right Bicep: 14″

Left Bicep: 14″

Summary: At this point in my life, I have been working at a desk 40 hours per week for four years. I just finished a bachelor’s degree, so my nights were filled with studying and homework. I would eat out multiple times for week and rely on soda to stay awake during the day. I often pulled all-nighters studying and drinking red bulls, then reporting for a full day of work. Exercise has been non-existent for years. 

I start my MBA in February. I need to change the way I eat, change my energy level, and change the way I feel. What is the sense of working hard and not being healthy enough to enjoy the rewards when finished? I am ready for P90X.

To the blog!

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