Insanity – Round 1 – Day 7

Day 7: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Tonight was a late workout. I started around 8:00 p.m. EST. I was hoping that Plyometrics might be easier the second time around…. It wasn’t! I was out of breath and hunched over on the mat by the end of the workout. The amount of sweat pouring off my body made it look like I had just gotten out of a swimming pool.

The way my schedule works out (Wed. break day), I will have another round of Plyometrics Cardio Circuit to fight through tomorrow. Today just wasn’t enough…

The coolest thing about Insanity so far, is that you can see and feel the results pretty much instantly. By the end of the workout, you are soaked with sweat, and you muscles are inflamed and on fire. You feel rock solid for the next 24 hours until you get to do it all over. If you are already in shape (made it through a round of P90X), give Insanity a try… It is the next challenge. You won’t regret it.


6 responses to “Insanity – Round 1 – Day 7

  1. Hey Pete,
    You’re doing good and look great!
    I am starting week 3 of Insanity today. I am soaked every time I finish, and feel that I am getting better at doing all the moves and not taking many extra breaks. I’ve also been running about 4 nights a week. I can tell my pants are getting looser (my wife bought me a pair of designer jeans a few weeks ago and they are already almost too loose on me!) and get a lot of compliments on how thin I look (relatively speaking, I had a lot of fat to lose and still do). However, I took pictures yesterday and compared them with my P90X day 90 pictures, and was not that impressed. I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of resistance workouts or if it was just a bad day to take pictures, but I feel like my upper body doesn’t look as ‘ripped’ as it did from P90X. It’s probably just a combination of being hyper-critical and just having an off day, and nothing to worry about, but I was just wondering how you feel after coming from P90X? I’m going to ‘keep pushing through’ and see how things turn out…

    • Hi Austin,

      Congrats on week 3! Keep it up.

      I am loving Insanity so far. It is the best for shredding body fat away. I would say stick to the numbers (bodyfat and weight) and don’t worry about the pictures. Somedays, the pictures look great, other days they look awful. A big factor in the pictures is how swollen your muscles are. I take them right after the workout, so my muscle are swollen up. If I were to take a picture after a rest day, I definately would not see as much definition. You are right in that we are our biggest critics.

      Overall, I feel that Insanity is great. I love the challenge, and love the fact that it is shredding body fat. There is no doubt it is working when you see the puddles of sweat on the floor every night. After I am done with this round, I will go back to P90X for another round of muscle building. I will probably just rotate the two programs untill the new P90X comes out. In body building, Insanity would be the equivilant of cutting, and P90X would be bulking. Rotating the two cycles will definately bring results.

      Keep going! You have 40 more days to get those results. And remember that the results come at the strangest times. In my first P90X round, I didn’t see changes until day 30. In the second round, it was around day 60. BUT, I felt changes the whole way through. As long as you are feeling changes with Insanity, it is working… Be patient and it will come.

  2. Pete, seems like you’re really happy with the Insanity. I’ve been doing my own random workouts for the past 2 weeks. In some ways I’m happy but on the other hand I’m wondering if whatever I’m doing is actually working or is it a step back on what I’ve done w/ P90X.

    • Hi Hattori,

      Any sort of workout is progress! If you are not happy, its time to try something new.

      I was getting bored of doing the same workouts. I needed a new challenge, and Insanity is exactly that.
      During the fit test for Insanity, I was having doubts that I could even do the workouts. It is very challenging!
      But I am seeing improvements each day. It is nice to get back to that attitutude that I had when I started P90X.

      It is also very motivating. to have to ask yourself, “Can I even do this?”

  3. Hope you check this before your workout tonight but you should actually be doing Cardio Power & Resistance tonight and not Plyo…. thought I’d try to catch you….

    • Thanks Glen, You are right. I need to pay a little closer attention.
      The P90X schedule is so ingrained, that I am used to going by memory.

      That is good news… I really didn’t want to do Plyo two days in a row…
      I like the Cardio Power & Resistance much better.

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