Insanity – Round 1 – Day 6

Day 6: Pure Cardio

Holy crap…  This workout starts out with the normal warm up. It is three sets of cardio moves, getting faster with each set. It lasts for about 10 minutes and is a workout by itself. Then we move into stretches. Finally a break, but that was over before I knew it. THEN…. HERE COMES THE INSANITY!

Pure Cardio was about 20 minutes of non-stop (NO BREAKS) cardio and power moves that left me begging for mercy. This was by far, the hardest Insanity workout so far. Luckily, I am only in the first two weeks, so I didn’t have to follow up this beast of a workout with cardio abs. That is saved for week three.

I keep asking myself, can it get any worse? The answer is yes! Just wait until month two when the workouts get longer and harder… This program really does push you right up to your limits. It pushes you through that mental roadblock and challenges you to hold on for the ride.

I give Insanity a 10 out of 10 so far!


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