Insanity – Round 1 – Day 4

Day 4: Cardio Power & Resistance

I went into today’s workout ready for the worst. For the past two days the muscles behind my knees have been sore, and my feet have felt like they could fall at any moment. But I was ready and I pushed play.

To my surprise, there was some visible progress. I made it through the warm up without feeling like I was ready to die, and caught my breath during the stretches. Then it hit… the cardio was intense, but there where a few familiar moves. The power part of the workout included V shoulder press push ups, side to side push ups, and tricep dips. Of course all of these moves are done at an insane pace and are included within a cardio interval circuit. I was glad to hear Shaun T announce, 1 more round people! As the last round (so I thought) came to an end, we rested for 30 seconds. Then came a minute or two of sprints, following by push ups. Over and over. When the countdown hit 0, I collapsed face down on my mat. We were finally done. A few stretches and a shower later, I am feeling good.

The best part of Insanity so far is that you walk away with the feeling that you accomplished the impossible, after each and every workout. That is a good feeling… I can’t wait to see the results after 60 days.

By the way, here are my starting numbers:
Weight: 171.8 lbs
Body Fat: 10.5%


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