Insanity Review – Round 1 – Day 2

Day 2: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I have heard the rumors… “Insanity’s warm up feels like a workout themselves,” and, “P90X Plyometrics feels like a day off when compared to Insanity’s easiest workout.” So I knew today’s workout was going to be a challenge. But I had no clue how hard this program really was. Ladies and gentleman, I can already give you my review :

Insanity makes P90X workouts feel like kindergarten nap time, with chocolate milk, a blanket, and lights out.

I was completely out of breath after yesterday’s fit test (25 minutes, with 1 minute on/off intervals.) Today’s workout was 40 minutes of nonstop action (3 minutes on, 30 seconds off.) It started with a warmup that lasts three minutes, then you immediately repeat it with higher intensity, just when you feel like you are going to die, you repeat it with even greater intensity. It got a little hazy after that, but I can tell you that all of the interval circuits repeat three times. By the end of each 30 second break I was able to bring my heart rate down to 175, just in time to repeat what I just did with higher intensity.

I fell to my elbows a few times to catch my breath, but so did the people in the video. I did my best to jump back into the action ASAP and tried my hardest to keep up. I would give myself about a 80% score fore keeping up. Before I knew it, the workout was over. I have never seen so much sweat in my life… The puddles in the market are no joke. I probably lost at least a pound in water weight.

I have also come to the conclusion that Shaun T is a robot. There is no way that a human can do the Insanity workouts while directing/training/motivating a group of people.

Overall, I am impressed and look forward to tomorrow. Insanity is a HUGE challenge. It is exactly was I needed to get to the next step. I hate, I love it, and I need more!

Tip of the day: I would strongly recommend that anyone interested in Insanity, complete a round of P90X first. It is a great beginners program and will get you prepared. I would have probably died if I tried to jump right into Insanity. I am being 100% serious when I say that.


4 responses to “Insanity Review – Round 1 – Day 2

  1. I have to say, I have said the exact same thing on the boards about my experience with Insanity so far, there is NO WAY I could have done this program without having done SOME kind of program first…. And yes I thought hey 2 rounds of p90x, plyo is getting easier, my heart rate is dropping down to the bottom of my zone during the breaks, Insanity won’t be too hard…. Now I realize my cardio was NO WHERE close to what I thought it was and can really see why so many chose to do Insanity cardio along with P90X resistance…. I also didn’t think my legs would be as sore as they are…. I look forward to reading your blog as you go along and I’ll be adding my 2 cents as well if that’s cool with you… I work out early am so I’ve done day 3 already… all I can say is get ready brother… LOL

    • Of course, feel free to add in any thoughts that you have!

      I was waiting to see what you thought… Insanity Plyo pushed me right up to the edge! I don’t think that I could have lasted 5 minutes longer. Just when I was about to break down and beg for mercy, the easier warm-down moves came; not that they were easy by any means. I can’t believe it gets harder in month two. Hopefully we will be prepared for the beating. You know how Tony always says, “What pain? There is no pain in P90X.” Well, Shaun T can’t say that! He would be lying.

      I heard that day three is a killer. I have class tonight, so my day three will be tomorrow, and I won’t get a rest day on Sunday.

      So far, the sickest thing about Insanity, is that I love it and want more. This is DEFINATELY not a program for someone just starting a fitness regimine. You can’t jump into this one like you can with P90X. I look forward to seeing how Beachbody attempts to top Insanity for intensity…. I don’t believe that it is even possible at this point.

  2. Shaun T is working on a program called Asylum that is due out early next year…. If I find anything on it I will pass it along to you but from the name it sounds like it’ll TRY to one up Insanity….

    and YES day 3 kicked me harder than day 2… not sure if it’s because I’m already sore or what…. I was having a harder time keeping up today… not sure that I envy you for the day off inbetween, glad it’s behind me…. LOL

    • He is trying to turn us into machines. Insanity is pushing me into a high fitness level than I ever though possible. I couldn’t imagine making the program any harder. I also don’t know how I feel about getting into a one-on-one type series. It gets expensive!

      I am hoever, anxiously awaiting the P90X MC2. Fall 2011 is a long time to wait…

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