Round Two – Day 84 – 90

Hi Everyone,

I have completed P90X right in the middle of moving apartments and starting a new class. Sorry for the delay, I have not had Internet access, or even access to my computer for pictures. It has been a week since Round Two’s completion, and I am starting Insanity today. You can expect a post tonight!

Update: You can see my final numbers for P90X round two on the Day 180 page. Also, WordPress has updated their content management system, and deleted my sidebar in the process. I will be redesigning the website as soon as I get time. For now, I will through up a calendar for navigation.

4 responses to “Round Two – Day 84 – 90

  1. Hey Pete!
    Good job completing round 2! I started Insanity last Monday. It really isn’t just a clever name. Turns out it really is insane! I’ve never seen so much sweat coming from my body! It’s really nice to be able to get the workout done while the kids are napping. I’ve also been running a little bit. Just 3 miles a night, maybe 4 times a week. I’ve got so much more energy now! My knee does cause me some pain, but it usually goes away by the next morning. I need to get some decent shoes, both for running and insanity. I have narrow feet and my shoes don’t get tight enough to keep my feet from moving around a lot inside.
    Anyways, have fun with Insanity today!

    • Thanks Austin,

      I am a little fearful from everything I have heard, but I am ready. I took a break from working out (and even cheated on the diet a little) last week. The pizza and the cheeseburger were delicious, but I am feeling a little soft around the midsection. I am ready to work hard and feel good!

  2. Pete, welcome back!
    Seems like you’ll have crazy workout with Insanity. From what I heard, it’s pretty tough and challenging and like you said, making P90X Plyo is a total walk in the park. I still haven’t tried Plyo btw tho.
    And I’m also taking a break from P90X. After 2 rounds, I think I started to get bored and now I’m just doing my own workout, so it’s pretty random. I even double/triple posting now since I don’t have much time recently to keep updating the blog as regularly as b4. Also the biggest challenge to do my own workout is discipline. It’s tough to motivate myself to workout without having a “trainer” or workout video to follow.

    • Hi Hattori,

      Keep at it! If its not working to you expectations, maybe its time to try a new program. What about TurboFire?

      I hear you on not having as much time for updates. I am trying to plan cirriculums/lesson plans for the four classes I teach in fall, while keeping up in my MBA stats class, and working. I am exhausted, but I know hard work pays off. I will do my best to keep up on posting through Insanity. I am really looking forward to the new P90X coming out in fall. I hope that it arrives around the end of my insanity round.

      Insanity is REALLY REALLY hard. It takes me back to the beginning of P90X when I had to mentally convince myself that I could do it. I guess that is what motivates me.

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