Round Two – Day 73 and Day 74

Round Two – Day 73: Rest Day (Class after Work)

Round Two – Day 74: Arms and Shoulders, Ab Ripper X Doubles

I absolutely love Arms and Shoulders. I always walk away feeling rock solid. My arms are extremely tight and swollen, which is exactly what I want. This will be one of the workouts that I miss most during my P90X hiatus. This was, after all, my last Arms and Shoulders workout of round two. Abs Ripper X is still feeling good and getting results. I think that doubles will pay off once I lose that last bit of belly fat during Insanity.

4 responses to “Round Two – Day 73 and Day 74

  1. You look great and I don’t see any belly fat.
    I really like the Shoulder & Arm workout too.
    Have a great day 🙂

    • Hi Marisa,

      I appreciate the compliment, but there is still a little more body fat to go! In order to get the 6-pack abs so widely promised through the P90X commercials, a man has to have their body fat percentage down to 5-7%; most athletes are right there. Females start to see abs between 10%-12%. This is nearly impossible to do with the low amount of cardio built into P90X. Insanity, being all cardio, should do the trick!

  2. Been following your blog since March. I started P90X then, and then twisted my ankle pretty severely (foot was pointing 180 degrees the wrong way!) so I had to take about a month off. I started over and am now on week 13!! I’ve had good results and seen major progress throughout the workouts. Lost about 20 lbs. I still have some fat I’d like to get rid of. I’m contemplating either starting running or doing insanity. Are you still running, or were you not able to overcome your knee issue?

    • Hi Austin,
      Hi Austin,

      Congrats on week 13! You are right there, and it sounds like you got about the same results as I did for round one: down 20 pounds.

      I tried easing into running, stretching, and doing hip strengthening exercises, but my IT band issues did not go away. I would like to come back to running later, but I didn’t want to risk any injuries before Insanity. My days of running have been put on hold. But, I lost another 20 lbs. during round two, and I am ready to shred that last bit of fat and get ripped. Insanity is perfect for this. I might rotate P90X/Insanity or go on a hybrid schedule afterwards.

      For you, I would recommend jumping right into Insanity! It will burn fat quickly and is the fastest route from point a to b. Plus, P90X gets really boring around day 150, and adding running extends your workouts up to 2 hours per day. Why do that, when you can fit Insanity into your schedule at 45 minutes a day? You will also stay motivated with a new program. Go for Insanity man, you won’t regret it.

      Good luck and thanks for following along. I hope to upgrade this blog soon and get a little bit more formal website. I will keep everyone posted.


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