Round Two – Day 70: Time to Get Serious

Round Two – Day 70: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X Doubles

Its time to buckle down and finish up round two. Only 20 more days and I will officially be a two-round, 180 day P90X graduate! I am excited to finish this up and move forward. I love P90X, don’t get me wrong. This program has literally changed my life, introduced me to working out, and provided me with an expert knowledge of nutrition and supplement;. not to mention, 40 pounds of fat loss and a 10% drop in body fit. There is definitely a third round of P90X in my future. I just need a break, if you can call Insanity that. I need something new to keep my enthusiasm up. A new challenge… If I can get down 4-5% more body-fat I will have the definition that I want. I am 100% confidence that Insanity is the path to my goal.

Insanity arrives in two days! I purchased foam matting for the workout area in my new apartment. I may even have to double the foam up to 1 inch because I am in a second floor apartment.

Tip of the day: Change is the key to success. Keep yourself motivated by changing up your routines. P90X/Insanity makes a great combo. Rotating the workouts back and fourth will do wonders.

4 responses to “Round Two – Day 70: Time to Get Serious

  1. Congrats on your progress man… I did my last C&B this morning of my 2nd round… I love seeing those sheets fill up and look forward to reading about your insanity experience, I will start it myself on Aug 16th, taking a few weeks off of structured workouts before I start it… I’ll use that time to catch up on some of those One on One’s I haven’t done yet

    • Hi Glen,

      It is pretty cool to look back on all of those workouts that you have completed. It provides a real sense of accomplishment. I am glad to hear that you are moving on to Insanity after your second round. I am real excited. I don’t want to set my expectations too high, but I know that it is going to melt away body fat. I measured in at 9.9% this week. My big goal was to get down to 6%. I think that is realistic with 60 days of instense cardio.

      I still haven’t done One on One yet. I was thinking about using those as a maintainance schedule. Would they work good for that?

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