Round Two – Day 68: So Glad Its Friday

Round Two – Day 68:
Yoga X

Yoga was a nice break today. A lot of people complain that P90X Yoga is too long… It is long, but the key is to use this workout as a chance to meditate your worries away. I actually enjoy it. It gives me an excuse to relax and get some peace of mind.

Although I had a four day work week, it seemed like it took forever to pass by. I am glad it is Friday. Tomorrow I plan on getting my workout done, then relaxing. Sunday is Kenpo X, along with a TON of economics homework.

By the way… My mass gainer seems to be working! I put on approximately five pounds this week, while lowering my body fat percentage. I am at 175 lbs. and 9.9% body fat. It is pretty crazy to think that I have lost 10% body fat since starting P90X. I look forward to seeing if Insanity can take me down to 6-7%. The coveted six-pack will soon be here!

Tip of the day: Getting in the condition that you want, and getting your body how you want it, TAKES TIME! Don’t think that everyone gets the amazing results advertised in the P90X informercials during their first round. Some might, but for the majority of us, we need to keep working until we meet our goals. For some it might take half a year, for others it might take a year. But you will get there if you keep working for it. Do you think that Tony Horton got into his physical condition in 90 days? It probably took a decade or two… Don’t ever get discouraged. Keep going.

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