Round Two – Day 53: Cardio Crazy

Round Two – Day 53: Kenpo X, and 30 minute run

We add ab ripper onto resistance days…. Why not double up on cardio days? I was pretty exhausted by the end of the kenpo/run combo. I could almost feel that body fat dripping right off. That is the goal anyways…

My knee is feeling a lot better after today’s run. I am using neoprene knee supports, doing a few extra stretches, and rolling my legs on the foam cylinder as suggested by the physical therapist. I can tell a big difference already. Hopefully, there will be a day when my legs get strong and I won’t have any pain at all. For now, I do what can.

Tip of the day: Overcoming injuries is a slow process. Take it slow and don’t push yourself beyond the point of pain. As Tony would say, do your best and forget the rest. My best was about 3 miles running today.


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