Round Two – Day 52: Rest Day

Round Two – Day 52: Rest Day

Another economics lecture, another tornado warning, another rest day. Not much to report…

2 responses to “Round Two – Day 52: Rest Day

  1. We had a 5.5 earthquake yesterday, thankfully no one was hurt.

    I could use your advice. I’m on week 1 day 4 and I tried the P90X Yoga today and I didn’t like it, I only did 30 mins. Can you suggest what video I could use to replace my Yoga days?

    • Hi Marissa,

      It is good to here that no one was hurt.

      P90X yoga is REALLY long. A lot of people don’t like sitting through the whole thing. You really have two options:
      1. Do the first 45 minutes of asana’s in P90X, then skip forward to yoga belly X. This will be about an hour workout.
      2. Purchase Fountain of Youth Yoga in Tony Horton’s One on One series. It is about a 45 minute workout.

      Either way, get your Yoga in. Somedays you will hate it, others you will love it.

      Good Luck!

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