Round Two – Day 51: Core Strength

Round Two – Day 51: Core Synergistics

The push ups in Core Synergistics are great! My favorite move has to be prison cell push ups. Doing just 15 moves, offers 45 push ups. You can’t beat that… As I have found over two rounds, Core Synergistics is one of those workouts that can be too easy if you don’t push yourself. But, if you do.. the rewards are great. I always end up dripping sweat by the end of the hour.

I was considering taking a run today, put my left knee is feeling funny. I am going to ice it up and see how it feels tomorrow. I start vacation on Thursday, so morning runs may be in order.


3 responses to “Round Two – Day 51: Core Strength

  1. I was already dripping sweat right after the squat run or somewhere around that time. Did you do the full version of Prison Cell Push ups? I am still doing Pam’s version, did about 10 at least.

    • Hi Hattori,

      Squat run is no fun. It just feels awkward to me.. I do the full version of prison cell push ups. I didn’t at the beginning, but worked my way up. I get a little disorientated and wobbly after 10 of them, but push to keep going.

  2. Pete,

    Squat run is ok for me IF I didn’t hold any dumbbells. I just recently tried to use 5 lbs dumbbells and it felt really awkward. Can’t go too fast or else I might twist my shoulders/arms.

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