Round Two – Day 39: How much, is too much?

Round Two – Day 39: Back and Biceps, Ab Ripper X Doubles, 40 minutes run intervals

Today my workouts took three hours from start to finish. It felt good, and I increased my run time to 40 minutes (60 seconds walk, 60 second run.) But three hours?! That is a lot of time to fit into a day. My schedule is jam-packed with work, school, and preparing to teach for the first time. Is there such a thing as too much exercise?

I know that it sounds like I am taking this workout stuff too far, but it feels good to be healthy. In turn, I have more energy to accomplish my other tasks and it all levels out… so far…. Plus, I am only running three-four times a week and letting my body get adequate rest. I am ok with the craziness for now.

Tip of the day: Listen to your body. You have heard it a thousand times, but it is an invaluable tip. In the workouts Tony suggests that you push yourself mentally, to go beyond what your body is physically telling you. That is good advice when it comes to push ups; you need intensity to get to the point of failure (where the real gains take place.) But, when it comes to pain and soreness after workouts, your body is sending a message loud and clear. Listen up, so that you don’t get hurt and are forced to put your goals on hold.

6 responses to “Round Two – Day 39: How much, is too much?

  1. Wow! 3 hours. I have trouble fitting half that into a day. And I am not even in school anymore. But I know I can fit hours of video games into my day if I have the mind to, so I do the same for my workouts, make the time!

    How do you decide what gives if you run out of time? Do you cut workouts, sleep, time on a project?

    • Good morning!

      Well, it’s only 3 hours, three to four times a week, so it is not too bad. My Call of Duty MW2 time, has really taken a hit since I boosted my workouts. But, that’s ok…. Here are my priorities:

      1. Work
      2. Exercise
      3. School/Homework
      4. Sleep

      I alway do my workout, before doing my homework. The reason being, is because if I have less time to focus on a project or homework, I tend to focus more on the requirements and target the information that I work on. It is a lot easier to be concise, when your time is limited. With that being said, I would never skip my schoolwork, so sleep takes a hit.

      Gotta go to work, have a great day!

  2. 3 hours? Impressive. Too much? That’s totally your call. If it comes down to working out or Call of Duty, you’re much better off working out so go for it.

    • That’s true,

      I guess that is like saying… How many vegetables are too many vegetables? When, we could just as easily go order an extra value meal and supersize it…

  3. Wow 3 hours..I could barely finish 1.5 hour workout into my schedule, or I should say I struggle dragging my lazy ass to complete workouts in good form.

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