Round Two – Day 36: Back to Running

Round Two – Day 36: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps, Ab Ripper X Doubles, 20 minutes of running

I couldn’t resist! Running is too addictive. After my normal P90X routine, I put on a knee brace, tied up the new shoes, stretched, and took off. Last week’s run consisted on 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off running for a full 30 minutes. It was obviously too much to begin with, so I removed 5 interval sets and did 20 minutes. It probably comes out to a mile and a half in distance. Since I am new to running, that is not a bad starting goal.

Tips of the day:

1. Using Intervals: For anyone out there thinking about running, start using using intervals. There is a very cool iphone/ipod app that will help you set and time your intervals. You can have your ipod playing in the background and it will pause the song an ring a bell when the next interval is up. Try it out: HIIT Timer. Mixing run and walk intervals lets your body get used to running and gives you a chance to build up stamina.

2. Get a game plan: Start off slow and increase your high intensity intervals until you can run at a constant pace. There is a great program called Couch to 5k. It is a nine week running schedule that uses intervals. Its free too!

One response to “Round Two – Day 36: Back to Running

  1. FYI:

    I just found another great resource for begging runners. The schedule on this website is much closer to what I am following:


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