Round Two – Day 32: P90X Running

Round Two – Day 32: Biceps and Back, Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX twice), 30 minutes of running

I’m feeling a little crazy today…. I was only going to do ARX once because of my planned run, but I couldn’t stop myself. So lets talk about supplementing cardio with P90X. Some of you already incorporate running into your workout, others rely on Plyo and Kenpo as their only cardio days. Let me tell you why relying on P90X alone for cardio is a mistake: You want to get ripped!

Getting those diamond biceps, cut legs, or ripped six-pack doesn’t depend on the amount of muscle you have alone… The type of muscle definition depends on both, how much muscle you have and how little body fat you have. You need to do three things to get rid of that unwanted body fat:

1. Build Muscle – muscle takes from fat to rebuild
2. Eat a clean diet – High protein – lower carbs (not too low though)

Although P90X is a great, well-rounded program, it is a little low on cardio. I would recommend keeping Plyo and Kenpo X in the schedule because they really are great workouts, however, if you want to get ripped you should be supplementing your P90X schedule with extra cardio about 3 days a week.

Tip of the day: If you decide to supplement cardio, get a good pair of shoes from a store that specializes in running. They will measure the length and width of your feet, watch you walk from the back and sides to see how much support you need, and bring out multiple pairs of shoes so that you can get the perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to discuss any types of knee or ankle pain that you are concerned about. There are support braces that can help you prevent further injury.

6 responses to “Round Two – Day 32: P90X Running

  1. I forgot to mention one more benefit of adding running to P90X: you get to experience week one all over.

    Four hours after my run, I am definitely feeling the start of delayed onset muscle syndrome. My knees are feeling like my whole body was during week one of my first round of P90X.

    But, as a true P90Xer, I must say that it feels like big results are on the way. The pain feels so good.

  2. thanks for tips – they are great!

    i just finished my 45th day and am seeing AMAZING results. i am going to finish this first round just like they planned it out and then add double arx and cardio.

    i will keep you updated. 🙂

    • Hi Lee,

      That sounds like a good plan. Finish your first goal before jumping into the next. It all builds up.

      I am happy to hear that you are seeing such great results. i am sure that you will be blown away on day 90. Stay tuned, because I plan on writing a blog that discusses how to start running, and how to start interval training without injury. There is a method behind the madness.

      Keep up the great work!

  3. I may add some running into my Summer routine. Never really liked running before because it seemed tough on my knees. I am intrigued with the barefoot running movement and may get a pair of Vibram 5 finger shoes. Just need to get that fashion nightmare past my wife.

    • Hi Olderguy,

      Congratulations on day 90!

      I am enjoying running so far, but my knees are killing me today. They did not hurt during or immediately after the run, so I am hoping that it is only DOMS kicking in. This is my first run in quite a while. I looked into the Vibram shoes, but I know that I have bad ankles and need as much support as I can get. I could only imagine the injuries that would come with those shoes. i know that some people swear by barefoot running, but it doesn’t seem very logical to me. I would rather have support for my knees and ankles just to be safe. You are right about them looking goofy as well.

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