Round Two – Day 31: Class Begins

Round Two – Day 31: Rest Day

Starting today, I will be in class on Wednesday evenings. My schedule for the day runs about 15 hours, forcing me to move the rest day to the middle of the week. I am going to go crazy without my Wednesday workout, but life happens.

4 responses to “Round Two – Day 31: Class Begins

  1. First of all, great blog! I’ve been coming here for inspiration since I started P90X 5 1/2 weeks ago. Actually, had I not twisted my ankle, I would have been on like week 10!
    Anyways, I am in a similar situation, trying to decide whether or not to skip tonight. I came home from work early because I’ve had an upset stomach all day. I hate the thought of missing even one day, but I don’t think I’ll be able to give it 100% if I do it today. Maybe resting today and bumping everything back a day would be the best thing.

    • Hi Austin,

      Welcome and thanks for reading. I am sorry to hear about the ankle, but hope that this blog is at least a little helpful.

      As far as last night, I think you made the right choice. If it were yoga, I would say push through it, but you really need to give 100% during resistance workouts to get the benefits. Just make sure that you stay motivated and make up those days.

      During my first round, working out could sometimes be a pain. I really didn’t feel like it some days. During the second round, I crave the workout. I feel horrible if I don’t get that pain and sweat in. It really does become an addiction. Kind of weird… but much better than sitting on the couch.

      Anyways, good luck and make sure to check in. I would love to hear about your progress.


  2. Don’t worry too much about it. I have to move my rest day to the middle of the week too so I can have my outdoor cardio over the weekends. As long you keep working out reguarly, should be fine.

    • Hi Hattori,

      Thanks for the motivation.

      More than anything, the rest day was kind of annoying. I need my workouts! I really do look forward to getting them in each day. I haven’t had to be too flexible over the past 120 days, but come fall I start teaching college classes and might only be able to work out 4 nights a week. I will probably start running on those days so that I don’t go crazy.

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