Round Two – Day 29: Trembling Triceps

Round Two – Day 29: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps, with Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX Twice)

As the nice long weekend wound down, I decided that I better get my workout in. It is the first workout of phase II. Man, did I get my butt kicked today. It may be due to the slow paced rest week, but I was pouring sweat and hurting bad (in a good way of course.) As I have mentioned before, I do ARX once before my workout and once afterwards. By the second ARX round, my triceps were literally trembling trying to hold up my body weight. I am going to be sore tomorrow. The bad news of the day: it rained all day long. I did not even get a chance to use my new running shoes. I haven’t quite decided on my running schedule yet. It might happen before work if I can get up; or right before my workout. We’ll see…

This phase is going to be a little different. It turns out that I have a four-hour Managerial Economics Lecture on Wednesday nights. That is after my eight hour work day, so working out will be out of the question on Wednesday evenings. Instead, I will be shifting workouts and skipping the Stretch X day. My new schedule for phase II will be:

Monday: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps, with Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX Twice)
Tuesday: Plyometrics
Wednesday: Rest day
Thursday: Back and Biceps, with Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX Twice)
Friday: Yoga X
Saturday: Legs and Back, with Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX Twice)
Sunday: Kenpo X

I also plan to run 3-4 days per week.

Tip of the day: Stay committed. It was hard to get back into the routine after the nice long weekend, but I have to remind myself that I have a goal. No pain, no gain.

2 responses to “Round Two – Day 29: Trembling Triceps

  1. My arms were trembling yesterday as well after the workout. In fact, I felt out of energy after doing Reverse ARX and sore on my CST today. After recovery week, jumping back into resistance workout was pretty tough!

    • Hi Hattori,

      Isn’t CSt a great workout? I think I was getting a little too lazy during recovery week and needed a kick to get me going. CST did the trick!
      I have never really had big triceps before, but I am definately noticing a change in definition during this second round.
      Tricep days are becoming one of my favorites because I like seeing the results.

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