Round Two – Day 27: P90X Early Bird

Round Two – Day 27: Yoga X

I took care of my Yoga X workout early this morning so that I could get this three day weekend started off right. I feel good and I’m ready for the day. It felt a little strange working out on an empty stomach. I was dragging a little bit for about 30 minutes of asanas, but then a second wind kicked in and I sailed through the rest. I am glad that the workout is out of the way.

Today, I am going to get a nice fitted pair of running shoes, go to the pool, and maybe even go out to eat dinner. Don’t worry, I will be smart about what I order.

Tip of the day: If you are going to work out in the morning, and it is not a cardio day, eat a cup of yogurt or grab a protein shake before hand. Get a little be of fuel in your body before you exert yourself. You will feel a lot better if you do.


3 responses to “Round Two – Day 27: P90X Early Bird

  1. Just an update for the day… I went to a shoe store that specializes in running. They measured my feet sides, length, etc.. and watched my walk to get an idea of how much support is needed. They pulled out six pairs of shoes and I started trying them on to get the right fit.

    I need a lot of support because I have sprained/broken my ankles a million times. I used to skateboard daily when I was a teenager. Jumping stairs, etc.. It was a lot of fun, but I will probably be paying for me injuries for a long time.

    Anyways, I got a great pair of shoes with great support and look forward to running. I haven’t been the best on intervals over the past two weeks, so this is a little motivation for some running intervals.

    First runs tomorrow, I well tell you how it goes.

  2. Enjoy your new running shoes!

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