Round Two – Day 26: Core Strength

Round Two – Day 26: Core Synergistics

Once again, that was a tough workout! I wouldn’t say that is my favorite workout, but it has its highpoints:

1. It gets harder each time you do it.
2. It doesn’t rely on muscle memory because you only do it 6 times in 90 days.

The only odd thing that I really don’t like about core synergistics, is that you stretch before you warm up. It is the only P90X workout that does this and I have no idea why. It doesn’t make much sense to me, and I don’t think that I like it.

Diet went well today.

Tip of the day: Push hard through those prisoner cell push ups. Shoot for 15 reps and you will be doing 45 push ups with cardio. It is my favorite!


One response to “Round Two – Day 26: Core Strength

  1. Yes, totally agree. I have love and hate relationship with core. Even though I did Core all the time for my first round (Lean), I still haven’t get a hang on most of the moves. Oh well, happy long weekend to you too 🙂

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