Round Two – Day 24: Way Too Cold

Round Two – Day 24: Kenpo X

It was 86 degrees in my apartment last night and I could not sleep. I climbed out of bed and reluctantly turn on the AC. I can just feel the money flying out my of pockets; Maybe that is where the breeze comes from… I left the AC on all day for the dog and cats, and jumped into Kenpo X when I came home.

My heart beat never broke 160! My zone is between 165-180. What a bum deal. I am positive that there is a correlation between the temperature and heart rate, because Sunday was the hottest that it has been in my workout room, and my heart rate was the highest that it has been for Kenpo X. I need a sauna suit.

Diet went well. Same food as always.

Tip of the day: Prepare your workout environment before cardio days. If you can adjust the temperature upwards, do it. If not, get a sauna suit. I am positive that temperature affects heart rate!


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