Round Two – Day 23: P90X Core

Round Two – Day 23: Core Synergistics

Today’s core synergistics workout was different than before. First off, I was able to do everything, including chateranga runs. Secondly, because the workouts were easier, I was able to focus on targeting my core . It turned out to be a good workout and I broke a sweat by the end of the hour. Not bad.

Last night, I had a dream: Insanity. I am really looking forward to 60 days of hell. I don’t think that this last round is going to drop my body fat as fast as I wold like. I am reconsidering my strategy. Should I use these last two months of P90X to bulk up, before Insanity? Should I stay lean? Let me know what you think.

Diet went well.

Tip of the day: Core Synergistics only works as well as you do.


8 responses to “Round Two – Day 23: P90X Core

  1. What are your goals? Do you want to bulk up and lose body fat? From the reviews that I read Insanity will not bulk you like P90X….

    • Hey!

      That is the problem. I want to bulk up a little more (not like the incredible hulk or anything), and lose body fat.
      Those two goals condtradict eachother and I am not even sure if they are possible to do at the same time.

      Maybe I should bulk up a little first during P90X, then do a round of Insanity to get off body fat?

  2. Wow, congrats doing Chaturanga run. I’m still way far from that…this puny arms still need to be trained more. If you want to lose more body fat, then go ahead with Insanity since I heard it’s all cardio, which is essential for losing body fat. Or do Hybrid.

    • Hi Hattori,

      Last round I didn’t come close to the chaturanga run.
      Don’t feel bad.. that move is HARD! You will get there.

      I heard that Insanity will drip off every last bit of body fat.
      I also have heard that people will throw in Plyometrics X to take a break from Insanity.
      That is a little scary to think about…

      My only fear about Insanity is losing muscle mass.
      Some reviews say that it is hard to eat enough food so that this doesn’t happen.

      But I am crazy, so I will definately have to do a round of Insanity at some point.

  3. We’re on the same day… I did core syn yesterday and was SOAKED by the time I was done… It really becomes a great workout as you get more fit… I only did 2 of the 3 chat runs though, congrats… My intentions are to do Insanity after this round as well, I’m using this round to up my intensity and get in better cardio shape… From what I’ve read, the amount of muscle mass you’ll lose while doing insanity is very small and will easily come back when going to the next set of resistance workouts you choose…

    • Hi Glen,

      Very cool. It sounds like we might ride the same schedule all the way through Insanity.
      I think that you said it best, “It really becomes a great workout as you get more fit.”
      It was almost a wasted workout during my first round, but now I am feeling it.

      I am thinking about getting on a mass gainer for the last 60 days of this P90X round.
      Optimum Nutritions Pro Complex Gainer, adds about 600 calorites per shake (with 60 g protein.)
      My only fear about adding this in is gaining body fat, but Insanity is going to destroy all of my body fat anyways.

      The hype about Insanity is crazy. I have heard so many intimidating reviews.
      But, I am sure after two rounds of P90X, we will be ready to take on anything.

  4. I don’t know about ANYTHING LOL I’m expecting it to kick my butt like plyo did the first round… I’m not looking for a lot of size yet, I’m still trying to cut the midsection down… I’m 6′ 3″ 230 lbs with a 48″ chest so I’m just trying to chisel down what i have for now… Not sure what my body fat is but expecting it’s right around 20%, I haven’t lost a pound this round yet but all my numbers are still going up so I’m gonna up my calories and see what happens

    • Sounds like a plan.

      It is strange that you haven’t lost another pound yet… It should be coming off pretty steady.

      Did you restart the diet back to fat shredder? If not, try eating more protein and less carbs. Check your nutrition percentages on if you haven’t done so yet.
      I know that the P90X diet says to eat more calories (to gain muscle), but you should have plenty of muscle from the first round. A caloric deficit would help you drop the fat.
      You may also consider replacing stretch X with 60 minutes of jogging or intervals.

      Or… skip to Insanity now and watch the fat disappear. This may actually be the smartest route to go… I was even thinking about doing this.

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