Round Two – Day 19: Approaching Rest Week

Round Two – Day 19: Back and Legs and Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX Twice)

Today I came home from work and ran to push play! I had a conference call at 6:30 p.m. for my MBA class, and time was of the essence. Ab Ripper X…. Done. Back and Legs…. Done. Ab Ripper X…….. The phone rang! Luckily I was on number 30 of mason twists. I pulled through the last 10 twists and had to explain the heavy breathing. Odd conversation…

Resistance workouts are done for a week and I will be adding a lot more cardio during rest week. I am ready to burn some goo!

Diet went well today.

Tip of the day: Do ARX doubles if you can manage. I am 100% happy with my results and really do feel like 2800 ab moves per week is skyrocketing my progress.

4 responses to “Round Two – Day 19: Approaching Rest Week

  1. Thanks for the tip, I am going to pass this on to my brother too. He needs to up the intensity of ab ripper, but there is no where to go after you can do all the moves and do them well! I am going to start using 1.5 pound ankle weights for resistance and see what happens.

    • Hey there, welcome!

      You are right. I am sure that I will hit a plateau on ARX at some point. It hasn’t happened yet, but probably will before the second 90 days. I better throw in some ankle weights on my next amazon order.

      Let me know how painful it gets, so I can prepare myself.

      Thanks for dropping by,


  2. Try to do ARX in reverse order (start from Mason twist and end with In and Outs). I did it yesterday, plus extra crunches after S&A, and feeling sore on my midsection today. In a good way though 🙂

    • Hi Hattori,

      I will have to try that. I could just image how tough Bicycles would be!
      Many of the P90X exercises are set up to be easier towards the end (Kenpo X for example).
      I bet you could reverse many to add difficulty.

      Thanks for the suggestion! I will have to try it out next week. This week is rest week.

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