Round Two – Day 15: Seeing Changes In P90X Round Two

Round Two – Day 15: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX Twice)

I can’t believe that I am 1/6th of the way through my second round. 90 days is nothing!

Good news today: I am starting to see some progress in my abs. There is  more definition than there was on day 90. It will be exciting to see where the big changes come in this round. Last round I saw my first noticeable results around day 35. I am not sure if it was due to muscle confusion, or just 35 days of hard work. If it happens again, I may be a believer. For now, I have to focus on getting the body fat off of my stomach and hips. Men carry their weight in these areas and they are often the last areas to shed the fat. It will come with time and cardio. If not, a round of Insanity should do it!

Diet went well today.

Tip of the day: Results seem to show up at different times for different people. If you are starting out, don’t worry. As you start building more and more muscle, it will eat away at fat and you will start seeing results more rapidly. Hang in there!

2 responses to “Round Two – Day 15: Seeing Changes In P90X Round Two

  1. I guess same thing goes with women too. I still have my lower abs sticking out while the upper part is already flat. Gotta get it off!

    • I think our only answer is cardio and good diet (low carbs, cut our fruit juices).
      Everyone that I have talked to says that stomach and hips and the hardest areas to lose, and the last to go.

      If I don’t get there during this 90 days, a round of Insanity will be my next journey.

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