Round Two – Day 12: Still Going Strong With P90X Round Two

Round Two – Day 12: 30 minutes of intervals, Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X Doubles

We are approaching week three of P90X round two. I have to admit that I was a little tired after the work out today. It has been a long week, but that is no excuse to miss a workout or slow down. I am still going strong. Although I do look forward to rest week in order to mix up the routine a little bit. As I remember from last round, I was a little bored during week three. Rest week came just in time!

Diet went well today. Still doing the fat shredder percentages and it is working!

Tip of the Day: Just as you can adjust the workouts to meet your needs, you can adjust your diet too. If you aren’t happy with your weight loss by the end of phase I, you can stay in the fat shredder stage for as long as you need.

2 responses to “Round Two – Day 12: Still Going Strong With P90X Round Two

  1. You can extend phase one, but no more than 6 weeks. After that, it starts to be a little tough on your kidneys.

    • Hi BB,

      Good point. I met one coach who did the fat shredder diet for his whole first round. He got amazing results, but who knows what’s going on health wise.

      During my first round, I did fat shredder for phase one than pretty much stayed in energy booster percentages for the rest of the time. I still lost a ton of weight doing that. I will probably do it again for round two. My goal this round is to finish cutting off body fat and get that “ripped” look. Then I will be bulking and eating unbelievable amounts of carbs.

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