Round Two – Day 10: P90X Torn Triceps

Round Two – Day 10: 30 minutes intervals, Arms and Shoulders, Ab Ripper X Doubles (ARX twice)

I can’t believe that it is already day 10! This program goes so quick. I am hoping to see big gains around day 30 again. Today was shoulders and arms. This is one of my favorite workouts because you come out looking like the incredible hulk. I was really enjoying tricep rises for some reason. I took them nice and slow and really tried to rip up those triceps. The way my body is built is BIG biceps and small triceps. I am hoping that I can get a little more balance.

Diet went well today.

Tip of the day: Target your weak areas with slow and intentional movements during exercises on that muscle group. You can really tear up weak muscles if you do it right.


4 responses to “Round Two – Day 10: P90X Torn Triceps

  1. I love Shoulders & Arms too! My arms felt very tight after the workout haha..and I felt my arms got some tone, even though still look like sticks now. Side Tri Rise is nice one too. I have to watch out not end up cheating by raising with my oblique.

    • Hi Hattori!

      Isn’t that a great workout? I feel like my arms are huge afterwards.
      In the beginning of P90X, I might have been subconciously using my obliques for side tri-rise.
      Not anymore! Now I really try to focus on feeling the burn. It is hard to get over 20 reps in.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog. The tex-mex food here in Austin is what makes it most difficult for me, as that is what comprises many of the restaurants around.

    I can’t believe I am almost done. I am very impressed with your dedication and the fact that you did not skip a beat and started round 2 right up. Great job and keep it up!

    • Not a problem. Great job with the progress!
      The tex-mex is second to none as well. What a great city!

      I appreciate the words of support. Going straight into the second round was a pretty easy decision. I couldn’t sit still after being on a workout routine for 90 days. My advice is to try to take a week off but stay on the diet, allow yourself one big cheat meal, then go back to another 90 days. Just make sure you start planning your next step now.



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