Round Two – Day 4: Somebody Help… I’m Stuck in Crane!

Round Two – Day 4: 30 Minutes of Intervals and Yoga X

I am pretty sure that I finally have crane down. I am holding it for the entire time now. The secret is using your legs to balance your body. On day 4 of round 1, I might have been able to hold crane for 3 seconds in poor form before I fell over. What a difference 90 days makes. On to a different topic… My new supplements came today.

If you have been a long-time reader, you might remember that I tried a MuscleTech creatine pill starting on day 60. I wasn’t happy with the results feel like the pills did not live up to the hype. Now its back to the basics. This time I am sticking with my favorite supplement brand, Optimum Nutrition. If you are thinking about creatine, just go with any micronized creatine monohydrate power. Load (20g per day for 7 days), go into a Maintenance (5g per day for 21 days), then go through Recovery (0g creatine for 21 days. This is called a Creatine Cycle. I should be able to get close to two cycles of creatine in during this round. I will keep you updated as I go.

In addition, I purchased a lean mass gainer. It is a protein powder that offers 60g of protein, and over 600 calories PER SERVING. It has about 80g of complex carbs as well. It is supposed to be taken four to five times per day for an additional 3000 calories on top of a normal diet. Scientists say that you need 3000 calories about your “needed” caloric intake to gain 1 pound of muscle. I will let you know how this goes as well. All I can say, is that this stuff is not your grandma’s Kool Aid!

Diet went well.

Tip of the day: Keep trying. If there is a move that you can’t even begin it do… cough… crane… hang in there and try your best every single session. You will get there even if it takes 90 days!

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