Round Two – Day 3: Shredded Shoulders and Arms

Round Two – Day 3: 30 minutes intervals training, Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X (ARX Doubles)

Ouch! That was nice!

I love Shoulders and Arms because its all weight lifting! It gives us the chance to take it up a notch and PUSH our bodies to the max. I personally want size, so I am pushing and pulling my max weight the whole time and doing around 8-10 reps. I am currently using 30-40 lbs on most moves. I will go down to 25 on triceps and 20 on straight arms. It is weird to tell people that I am back to day 3, but it feels good to have the commitment.

Tip of the day: Go slow and use the whole time block to finish your reps. You can really target and tear individual muscles if you slow down your reps. Work like a pro and isolate those muscles. More focus, faster results.

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