Round Two – Day 1: P90X Here We Go Again! Giving 110%

Round Two – Day 1: 30 Minute Interval Training, Chest and Back, Ab Riper X (Twice)

Here we go again! I am almost as excited as my first day of round one, but a LOT less sore. I decided to do a second round for a few reasons:

1. Round one has worked so well and I have not hit a plateau yet. If its not broken…
2. I am familiar with P90X and know how to modify the program to meet my needs. 
3. I already invested in all of the equipment, so it makes sense financially.

SO this time, I am going full force, adding 30 minutes of interval training on the elliptical in the morning, and  doubling up Ab Ripper X on the resistance days. It might be a little crazy, but that is ok. I should finish up this round right before my 26th birthday. I hope to get into the best shape of my life and get ripped by then.

I really can’t thank all of my readers enough for offering advice and support along the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope that you continue to hang around and I invite any new readers to comment with questions. I am hoping to become a coach during this round and need some practice.

Tip of the day: 90 days is just the beginning. By finishing the first round, you are committing to a new lifestyle. You will not be willing to give up your hard-earned results. Trust Me….

4 responses to “Round Two – Day 1: P90X Here We Go Again! Giving 110%

  1. Your new workout sounds pretty over-the-top. If you can hang with it – go for it but beware burn out. P90X is (by definition) extreme, so don’t over do it. But by all means, keep pressing play.

    • Hi Olderguy,

      So far, so good.

      I am absolutely loving ARX doubles. I really feel progress in the abs after every workout. The secret is to do one session of ARX right before the resistance work out, than continue directly into the second session afterwords. It really isn’t that bad, but you feel it the next day. The interval training is turning out to be about 30 minutes per day. My big goal is to get the body fat below 10%. I think that I will get there.

      I will let you know if anything change, but I am loving the push so far.


  2. Hm I’m thinking to try ARX before the resistance workout as well then do another one afterward. But I am super bored with ARX already.. LOL. Also, just a thought, would be fun if the 2nd one do it in a reverse way.

    • Hi Hattori,

      Go for it! I am loving my ARX doubles.

      The first ARX round is pretty easy because you have a lot of energy, then you do the main workout and it gives your abs just enough time to recover. Once the second ARX round comes, you are really feeling it.

      The first time that I did ARX doubles, my abs were feeling sore like they did during the first week of P90X. I love it won’t go back to singles.

      Good luck! I strongly recommend ARX doubles, you will see results quick!

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