P90X… 90 Days Completed… What’s Next?

Hi everyone,

I am caught up on laundry, groceries, homework, and chores from last week’s vacation in Florida. I have completed my fit test for 90 days and took my final measurements. The fit test, 90 day results, and video will be posted as soon as I have a spare moment this week.

Now for the big question… 90 Days Complete! What’s next?

I have made my decision…. and….  P90X Round 2 starts tomorrow!

This time I am adding 30 minutes of elliptical interval training five days a week (replacement for Kenpo X) and doing Ab Ripper X doubles (3 days a week). I will be taking a mass gainer supplement to add around 2000 excess calories to my diet and loading micronized creatine monohydrate powder. The goal will be to shed my last bit of body fat and start gaining lots of lean muscle. I will have that six pack by the end of round two.

I am still aiming to conquer Insanity, but my current apartment (second floor) couldn’t accommodate too much jump training. I am surprised that my neighbors don’t kill me for doing Plyo once a week…

Stay tuned. I will be continuing daily posts and pictures through this next round. Thank you for reading and supporting me through the past 90 days.

Bring it!


4 responses to “P90X… 90 Days Completed… What’s Next?

  1. Kenpo becomes less intense after a while, huh? I feel the same way too. And also it starts to bore me in some ways.

    • It really does. At first, I liked Kenpo. It was a great way to keep moving and get my heartrate up without having ro run a lot. But towards the end of 90 days, I was having a hard time keeping my heart rate in the zone. This is one reason why I am so interested in Insanity.

      I have heard that interval training is the absolute best way to shed body fat and get great lung function. So I have done some research and I am now doing High Intensity Interval Training in the mornings. It is on the treadmill or stair stepper and looks like:

      Warm up
      4 Minutes of running as fast as possible
      2 minutes walking
      Repeat for 30 – 60 minutes
      Cool Down

  2. Hi Pete,

    I’m on Day 62 of round 1. I admire your results but I’m a long way from where you are. I started out as a skinny/fat guy. I’m 6 foot 2, weighed 267 (at the beginning of the program) and skinny except for my butt, thighs and belly.

    Anyway, I think I’m down to 258 now…I don’t weigh myself often because I know my results don’t show on the scale and it can be a little discouraging. Overall, my body looks leaner and I have a bit more definition in my arms…

    Well now that you know who I am and where I’m at I’ll leave some comments.

    Like you, I’m looking to supercharge my fat loss so I’m must now starting some Interval Training to go along with my P90x workouts.

    Have you ever tried Hill sprints? What I do is I start at the bottom of a big hill, sprint up to the top (it’s about 50 yards) then I walk back to the bottom. I do that for about 15 – 20 minutes and it’s INTENSE! Anyway, if you get bored with your routine and want to try something new, let me know what you think and how it compared to the Interval Training you’ve been doing.

    Also, about Kenpo, I’ve read a lot of blogs and I’ve heard of various ways to modify it. Some try weighted gloves, others try wearing a weighted vest. I don’t feel I’ve hit a plateu yet with Kenpo so I haven’t tried the variations yet…just some ideas I’m throwing out there…

    Anywho, great job and thanks for the blog. It’s nice to know someone going through the same program.


    • Hi John,

      It is good to hear your story and congratulations on day 62! That is a really big accomplishment and to be honest, you will lose the most weight in Phase 3. As you start to build that muscle up (especially the legs and back muscles), your weight will disappear. Also, P90X is not just 90 days. It is the beginning of a new and healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t imagine going back to eating junk and being inactive. If you do two rounds before going on a maintenance schedule, you will be a new man. Guaranteed!

      My current interval sessions are on the elliptical and look like this:

      5 minute warm up
      2 minutes at full intensity
      4 minutes at low intensity
      2 minutes at full intensity
      4 minutes at low intensity
      2 minutes at full intensity
      4 minutes at low intensity
      2 minutes at low intensity
      5 minutes warm down

      Maybe I will try hill sprints on an adjustable treadmill. Thanks for the idea!

      I just finished up Kenpo X. Although I was sweating a lot, it was really hard to stay in my zone. I like the suggestions you found on other blog and also thought about using a sweat suit. For now I am going to keep it in my weekly routine because I have to admit that it is fun!

      You are doing awesome so far and I am always around if you have any questions. Keep up the good work and keep me updated on your progress.


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