Day 90: I Completed P90X! Final Pics Are In!

Day 90: Yoga X Woohoo! I completed P90X! 90 Days and I am a changed man!

It feels really good to say that I stayed committed, completed all exercises, and made it through some tough challenges in life. I plan to finish up strong with Stretch X tomorrow morning and complete my fit test/final video this weekend. So, I suppose that you want my honest review of the P90X program…. This is a review blog after all…

Here it is:

P90X is one of the hardest and most rewarding challenges that I have ever taken on. I was in indescribable pain during the first week and didn’t think that I was going to make it past day three. But I hung in there and quickly realized that my strength and flexibility were improving. I changed my eating habits COMPLETELY and only eat healthy foods. My body doesn’t want anything else. By day 30 I saw REAL results. Day 60, even better. Day 90, the abs are in and I have defined muscles in placed that I have never had before. If you can commit to the program and refuse to give in no matter the circumstances, P90X WORKS REALLY WELL!

A few tips…

1. Give yourself a break if you get injured, and make up any missed workouts.
2. Use to track your diet in terms of percentages.
3. Don’t be afraid to be flexible with your workouts (make them up, double up, etc.) to accommodate life.

So what’s next for me? Good question… There are three options that I am considering:

1. 60 Days of Insanity
2. P90X/Insanity Hybrid 
3. Second round of P90X (with interval cardio in morning and double Ab Ripper X)

I will make my decision by the end of the weekend and give you a final posting with the 90 day video. I am also considering becoming a Beachbody Coach. Now that I have completed my first round, I would love to help others do the same. 

Tip of the day: Stick in there! Time flies and P90X will be over before you know it!


8 responses to “Day 90: I Completed P90X! Final Pics Are In!

  1. How did you finish a day early?
    Today should be Day 90!

    • I skipped rest day last week while on vacation so that I could have this weekend free for this report that I have to write. So technically, yes, I finished on day 89, but got all my workouts in.

      I am hoping to take a break soon to get the fit test in.

  2. Coaching is a great way to “give back” and it’s not necessary to feel like you have to push the BB products, that’s what I do… Congrats on finishing, I just started my round 2 this morning

    • Thanks Glen, Congrats on your progress as well! I take it that you were satisfied with your round one results?

      I did intervals this something and plan to knock out my round 2, day 1 excersise tonight. It looks like we will be on the same schedule for this second round.

      I will definately look into coaching. I may take the time to set it up during my break between semesters (end of may.) I know that I will be creating a newer and more in depth website at the very least.

  3. I loved my round 1 results… 30 lbs lost…. I’m looking for another 15 to 20 this round and then on to Insanity…. I believe you have my email address since I’m leaving you a comment, if you wanna ask anything about the coaching feel free

  4. Congrats I hope to be where are you one day.. I am on day 7 tho right now

    • Hi Marya!

      Welcome, and thank you for the support!

      You made it through the hardest part of P90X. And.. to tell you the truth, you are not that far away from where I am. This program flies by and you will hit day 90 before you know it. Trust me.. It is unbelievably fast. Just keep at it every day, eat clean, and don’t get discouraged. You can do it!

      Thanks for visiting.

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