Day 83-89: Back From Vacation…

Hi all,

That was really poor timing for a vacation, but you only live once… Key West was worth it. I am going to move to Florida one of these days.

I am officially back to normal life and it is day 90. I now have a Internet connection! I did pretty good with my diet while on vacation. There were a few times when I had no choice but to eat a sandwich with white bread, but I stayed away from greasy fried foods. The great thing is that almost all of the restaurants in Florida offer sweet potato’s (mashed or french fries) as a side. It was easy to get a steak or fish main dish with sweet potatos and veggies. By the way, Beefeaters in Hollywood, FL has THE BEST steak ever.

Although today, Friday. April 30 is officially day 90, P90X actually runs 92 days. I will officially be done with round one on Sunday. I will post my final measurements and fit test results then.

The good news about vacation: I lost more weight. This morning I was down to 183 pounds.

Tip of the week: Get away from it all for a awhile. Don’t be affraid to adjust your weekly workout schedule to accomodate your vacation. Doubling up on workouts (as long as they are not the same muscle groups) can make your time off all that much sweeter. Give yourself a break every now and then and enjoy life!

4 responses to “Day 83-89: Back From Vacation…

  1. Hi Pete!

    Thanks for your comment and welcome back home! 🙂 I’m amazed that you can stay dedicated with your workout schedule and I know it’s TOUGH, especially when you’re on vacation. I will post up my picture tomorrow. Honestly, I haven’t reached my ultimate goal yet but at least it’s starting to go towards that direction.

  2. Hi Hattori,

    That is ok! A healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop at 90 days. Now we know how to target different muscles and work towards the results we want.

    I hope that you keep your blog going. It has been great having a friend to do this with. I will keep my blog going, but might give the site a facelift.

    Thank you helping me stay on track!

  3. welcome back!

    i am now on day 11 and have never felt better 🙂

    i weighed myself yesterday and have lost 2.2 lbs, so i am anxious to see the measurements after the first 30 days.

    looking forward to seeing your final results pics!

    • Hi Lee,

      Congrats on day 11! You will be surprised at how fast 90 days goes by. You are making good progress and will be blown away at your 30 day results. That is around the time that I saw major changes. It just keeps getting better from there. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I would be happy to help out with whatever advice I can give. Don’t give up. When I started, I couldn’t keep up with Ab Ripper X. Now in my final days, I have been complete 3 Ab Ripper X sessions back to back. P90X really does work if you work.

      Good luck and stay in touch,


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