Day 82: Internet Issues

Day 82: Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X (ARX x 2)

Workout Complete! Pictures coming Mon or Tues.

I am in Florida and posting from my iPhone. It turns out that we do not have the password for the wifi connection in the condo that we are staying at. That means I can’t upload pictures from my laptop. Also, when we arrived, we were surprised with plans to visit Key West for the weekend, which also has no Internet. Post might be sporatic, but you can trust that I am workout out and will post as soon as I can. I really can’t complain because  I am in Florida! Loving every moment of it.

Anyways, Legs and back went well. I am feeling Ab Ripper X too. Enjoying my vacation and time away from work. Diet is good too! I am actually staying on track and ordering healthy choices when we go out to eat. I want to see some results this next week. I will even be doing Kenpo X in Key West tomorrow.

Tip of the day: Stick to your diet! Just like “There is no just a minute,” there is also no exceptions for vacations. Enjoy life and make healthy choices so that you can continue to do so!

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