Day 81: P90Xtreme

Day 81 Workout 1: Kenpo X

Day 81 Workout 2: Yoga X

So I took the advice of one of my readers and replaced my planned Shoulders and Arms workout, with Kenpo X. He was right, you really shouldn’t workout the same muscle groups two days in a row. I still got a good workout in. Tomorrow morning I leave for Florida on vacation. I already shipped whey protein, protein bars, vitamins, and resistance bands to my destination. It will actually be the first time that I workout with bands. I have Internet access and continue my daily posts. I will return on Day 89.

Diet went well today. I will keep up the P90X diet on vacation. I couldn’t imagine eating anything else at this point. My body needs fuel.

Tip of the day: A little preparation goes a long way. If you see a potential roadblock in your 90 days (i.e. vacation), plan ahead so that you aren’t left missing a workout.


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