Day 80: Learning the Meaning of P90X Ripped

Day 80 Workout 1: Kenpo X

Day 80 Workout 2: Back and Biceps, with Ab Ripper X (ARX Twice)

I am loving the intensity of double workouts. Ab Ripper X doubles is also great. I wish that I had been doing ARX doubles all along. Yesterday I had sore abs all day! That hasn’t happened since the first week. I can tell results are pulling through. I am finding new muscle everyday. Talk about ripped…

If I decide to continue on with another full round of P90X, I will definitely continue with ARX doubles and maybe add in 30 minutes of high intensity interval training for a daily morning workout. If I can just melt away this last bit of fat, I will have the definition that I am looking for.

Diet is good.

Tip of the day: Don’t be affraid to target areas to increase intensity. As long as you double the workouts on the assigned day, doing ARX, or any other workout, twice is going to increase results.

One response to “Day 80: Learning the Meaning of P90X Ripped

  1. Hi Pete!

    Thanks for your recommendation for the whey protein. I’ll check it out. Trust me, I haven’t been any luck with whey protein. It just has that weird taste.

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