Day 66: The Secret to a P90X Six Pack!

Day 66: Biceps, Back, and Ab Ripper X

Today’s workout felt great. I was lifting heavy today and blasting my biceps. I also enjoyed Ab Ripper X as usual. Now… for the post’s title. I was reading a lot today about getting that all-desired six pack and here is the deal: If you are doing, or have done any sort of ab routine for any length of time, then you already have it! It is just hiding under layers of fats. Ab Ripper really does do a good job at building your abs. 

Now, do you want the secret? Here is it:

  1. Do Ab Ripper X twice a day on resistance days. (Do not do it every day. Ab muscles need time to heal.)
  2. Add Interval training to your Round Two routine. (An Insanity Hybrid program is ideal. P90X Plus also had Interval X.)
  3. Keep your carbs low! (Staying in Phase I or Phase II of the diet will keep shredding that fat.)
  4. Don’t be afraid to cycle/load creatine monohydrate!

If this is your first round of P90X, play it by the book. Learn what the program will do for your body. You may just drop enough fat and have enough preexisting muscle to get that coveted six pack at 90 days. If not, than follow the rules above for round two and it will probably be there after 180. Ladies, if you just want to tone without gaining a ton of muscle, a full-blown round of Insanity might be in your future. It will melt away the fat like no other.

Tip of the day: Play mind games with yourself. Today I tried my best to have my dumbbells adjusted for one exercise ahead of where Tony was at. I didn’t need to press pause at all and it felt like I was farther in the workout than I really was. I probably wasn’t really bending time, but the workout flew by!

2 responses to “Day 66: The Secret to a P90X Six Pack!

  1. when you say “do ab ripper x twice a day”, do you mean a second round of ABX immediately after completing one? or for example doing ABX in the morning by itself and then later in the day after you a resistance workout?


    • Hi Kirk,

      When I did ARX twice a day, I did it once immediately before starting the regular workout, then the second right after the workout finished (like normal). It really wasn’t that bad, and helped increase my core strength tremendously.

      Hope this helps.

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