Day 65: Thinking About P90X Round Two

Day 65: Plyometrics

I was soaked from sweat today. That was a really good Plyo session!  Burning lots of calories and feeling good. I must have been multi-tasking because the whole time I was thinking about what I am going to do with round two. 

Here is the deal. Muscle is really slow to gain and really slow to lose. So a lot of the amazing results that people are getting are real. But what is actually happening, is they are burning off layers of fat and revealing a lot of the muscle that they already had. That is not to say that you can’t make gains with P90X, you do, but muscle is slow to gain no matter what workout you use.

I am really happy with round one results, but to be honest, I want to gain more muscle. Particularly in my abs, chest, shoulders, and back. I have thought a lot about using the P90X sessions and mixing up rounds to target these areas. Maybe have three days a week where I crank out 60 minutes of ab ripper X. Have three days of resistance and one day of plyo. 

I might not lose as much body fat doing this, but as P90X has proven, body fat is really easy to get rid of. In August I am moving to a new apartment or a rental house and I should have the space to go for a session of Insanity. It looks the sole purpose of Insanity is to shred even ounce of body fat that you have. If I really focus on making muscle gains, than run a round of Insanity, I might make it to results city?

Anyone out there have any advice?

Diet went well, and just to get off topic

  • I passed my first MBA class with an A-; not horrible.
  • I have a meeting on Friday and may start teaching non-credit computer/business classes in my spare time (funny huh?).
  • I am enrolled in a three day motorcycle safety class this weekend and should have a motorcycle license by Monday.

Tip of the day: Tony always talks about “iso” and “muscle isolation” in the video. Everyone is built different and we all have different areas that we want to focus on. Maybe we should build round two to isolate the areas that we want to improve. We can always cut the fat later.

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