Day 63: What a Weekend!

Day 63: Kenpo X 

Kenpo X went well, although I have trouble keeping my heart rate in the high zone during some of the punch and kick series. It is nice having an easy day of exercise, but I know that I could get better results by doing a second round of plyo or taking a run. I might look to replace Kenpo X for round two. I am not sure with what yet.

Working out felt good, but the rest of the weekend was insane. On Friday afternoon, I come home from work to a sick dog that needed a vet visit. On Saturday I finished my first MBA class and completed my final paper and final exam. Sunday, I had dinner with my parents and grandmother (No I didn’t cheat on the diet!), and I completed a bunch of chores around the apartment. I am exhausted just thinking about everything that took place in the past 48 hours. I am surprised I survived.

Diet went well.

Tip of the day: If one of the exercises isn’t pushing you hard enough, don’t be complacent. Start thinking about modifications or replacements now. I will probably finish round one of P90X using Kenpo X, but I will definitely have a game plan before going into round two.

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