Day 62: Being a Bit Flexible

Day 62: Swapped Rest Day for Kenpo X

That’s right! I took a rest day this week. Very strange for me, but it was necessary. Working full-time, taking MBA classes full-time, and juggling life can be difficult, so I made the decision to be flexible on my workouts this weekend in order to take care of my obligations. That doesn’t mean leaving out any workouts… I plan to do Kenpo X and Stretch X back to back tomorrow. I just didn’t have an extra hour today. I finished up a final exam for my Organizational Behavior class and I am currently working on a final paper. It is due tomorrow night, but I want to be ahead of the game. 

Diet went well today. I went grocery shopping and added in beef jerky into the mix; great for protein and I love it! Also, I bought muscle milk. I plan to drink a serving of muscle milk after workout/before bed each night. I have been reading and it sounds like it is going to really help me bulk up. There are some carbs/fat in it, so it should not be used as a primary protein shake.

Tip of the day: Be a human being. Be flexible with yourself when life gets busy. If you have done more than 30 days of P90X, you know by now that you are exercising for life; not just 90 days. If you quit after 90 days you will lose your gains. What would be the point of working so hard in the first place?

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