Day 60: 2/3’s Through P90X!

Day 60: Yoga X

I can’t believe that I am already 60 days into this! It seems like I was crawling through week one yesterday!

So far, I am VERY pleased with the progress. I haven’t looked or felt this good in years. The exercises are always a challenge and I am trying to push myself a little harder each day. The abs are coming through and I have a lot of faith that I will be very pleased by the end of this 90 days. My goal is to drop as much body fat as possible, get the abs started, and be ready to pack on A LOT of solid muscle in round two. I am confident that this first round will be a success and take me where I want to be.

The 60 day page is up and the numbers are in. I weigh 192 lbs and come in at 15.9% body fat. Feeling good!

Tip of the day: If you are thinking about trying P90X, go for it! It really does work and will give you great results. Just make sure you are the type of person refuses to give up. It will probably be the hardest thing that you have ever done physically.

2 responses to “Day 60: 2/3’s Through P90X!

  1. Looking good. I just finished 30 days and I feel a lot better than is shown in the pictures. But I can definitely see you slimming down and muscle definition happening. (Just keep pushing play)

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