Day 59: P90X Slow Ride

Day 59: Arms, Shoulders, and Ab Ripper X

It feels like my arms have exploded! This muscle confusion stuff really works. Once again, I blew away my previous numbers and weights. It felt great! I also noticed how slow I was going today. It probably took me two hours to complete the whole work out. I was adjusting my weights to the T. What a great work out!

Diet went well. I really do think that that the creatine is working.

Tip of the day: If you are thinking about P90x and creatine, try a cheap monohydrate creatine for a month before you buy the expensive stuff. It is effective for most people. However, some people don’t react to monohydrate and need other forms of creatine. Do you research before you make any decisions, be careful and pay close attention the the amount you take, and DRINK TONS of water!

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