Day 57: Exploding Into P90X Phase III

Day 57: Chest and Back (Start of Phase III)

Finally… My favorite workout is back! It also felt great to get back to Ab Ripper X. Today was the start of Phase III and I killed it! I don’t know if it was adrenaline, or the new supplement stack that I am trying out, but WOW. I blew my old numbers out of the water. I didn’t use my knees for any of the push ups and only used the chair for about half of the pull ups. 50 lbs. on lawn-mowers and heavy pants too! It felt great and I had energy to spare!

Below is the new supplement stack that I am trying:

MuscleTech Gakic – Decreases fatigue during workouts (only taking on resistance days)
MuscleTech Leukic – Increases muscle growth (only taking on resistance days)
MusccleTech Creakic – Creatine pills increase water intake and builds muscle

I will let you know how it goes. Today wasn’t a very fair trial because I have been anxious to get back to resistance for a week. But if my energy level stays like this for a month, I am going to get killer results.

Diet went well. Ate the same thing as normal.

Tip of the Day: Keep going even if you have to crawl through the tough days. I can’t believe Phase III is already here. It feels like I started yesterday. I didn’t work out before this and didn’t really pay attention to my diet. If I can get this far in P90X, so can you. Trust me on that.

2 responses to “Day 57: Exploding Into P90X Phase III

  1. Wow, 50lbs weight?? I can hardly lift 8lbs weight LOL! Btw did you mean by Phase III instead of Phase II?

    • Thanks for catching that! I guess I am stuck in the past.
      Maybe you should try using heavier weights with less reps.
      That might help give you the muscle definition your looking for.

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